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On-Road and Off-Road Diesel

Preimum Diesel to Keep Your Business Going

For over 60 years, Prevett Oil Co. has been providing the Norfolk County area with professional, prompt delivery of top-quality diesel fuels. Our premium diesel fuels can be used to power a wide range of on-road vehicles and off-road equipment to keep your commercial operation running smoothly and on schedule.

On-Road Diesel

When it comes to commercial vehicles, we understand that the quality of fuel is just as important as the quality of the vehicle itself. Prevett Oil takes pride in delivering only the best on-road diesel fuel at the best possible price. Instead of wasting time at expensive fuel islands, your commercial drivers can fill up from your own storage tank at your business location. This way, you can trust that your commercial vehicles are fueled by an energy source you know and trust.

Off-Road Diesel

As a Prevett Oil customer, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality for price (or vice versa) again. Our off-road diesel fuel can power a wide range of commercial, industrial, and construction equipment that countless business owners rely on. The best part is that all you have to do is place your order. While you oversee the progress on your job site, you can count on our trustworthy team of experienced professionals to deliver your diesel fuel order safely and on schedule.

Learn more about how Prevett Oil’s reliable on- and off-road diesel delivery service can promote your team’s productivity.

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